Nissan Navara vs Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck

Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux pickup trucks are iconic in the worldwide automobile market for over 20 years. Both are the most demandable pickups due to their excellent performance, power, unique style, great driver assistance features, great engine options, and a variety of dimensional specs.

Since its official launch in 1968, Toyota Hilux has built its reputation as the most reliable and sturdy pickup. If you’re searching for a powerful pick truck that can dependably and effortlessly tackle any terrain, then Hilux is a great option.

Nissan Navara has grown immensely in popularity since its launch over two decades ago. Due to its great off-roading expertise, Navara possesses a unique position among its competitors. If you want more variety of choices for your pickup, Navara will be a top choice for off-road pickup lovers.

Here is today’s blog post; we’ll make an in-depth comparison between the Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara based on their performance, engine, exterior, interior, and power. Let’s look to get a better understanding of who won this battle.

Who Wins The Battle: Toyota Hilux Or Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara vs Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara are the most popular pickup worldwide, and these vehicles may have similar safety and engine performance features. Here in this blog post section, we’ll cover all aspects of the Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara to find out which pickup is best. Let’s get into the details; we will cover all vehicle aspects in the comparison.

Dimensions & Capacity

Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara both are quite similar in size. When comparing numbers, the Toyota measures 5365 x 1855 x 1815mm while the Navara is slightly smaller than that. The Toyota Hilux gives you the best off-road driving experience in rugged terrain that you will never experience before. On the other side, Navara gives you batter clearness in the lower ground at just 245 millimeters.

Nissan Navara wheelbase is longer than the Toyota Hilux pickup, which increases cargo space and gives passengers an overall space.

Toyota Hilux vs Nissan Navara Comparison On Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions & Capacity

Toyota Hilux

Nissan Navara

Length (mm)

5365 5260

Width (mm)



Height (mm)



Ground Clearance (mm)



Wheelbase (mm)



Seat 5


Winner: Nissan Navara

Design & Exterior 

In terms of design and exterior, every pickup lover has a different choice; some love bolder and boxy designs like Toyota Hilux, while others love soft curves like Navara.

Both models of Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara sport a 2-stage grille accompanied by wide halogen headlights. These lights have an automatic on/off function, which is highly convenient for pickup drivers. They also have LED light clusters and strips for better visibility.

Winner: Tie


The new generation Toyota Hilux comes in a great range of colors to suit your auto desires, such as; blue, velocity red, glacier white, and metal storm. However, Nissan Navara has eight colors to choose from.

Winner: Toyota Hilux


Both pickup trucks offer neat and high-quality interiors. Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara, both models, have multimedia systems for entertainment, supporting DVD, USB, AUX, Bluetooth connectivity, and 6-speaker sound systems. Hilux has a larger 7 inches display than Nissan Navara, with only a 5 inches screen size.

Winner: Toyota Hilux


Toyota Hilux wins the battle of the engine. It is driven by a 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine that delivers 201 hp and 500 Nm of torque, while the Nissan has the same engine type with a 2.5 liter that produces 187 hp and 450 Nm of torque. You can choose between a 6-speed manual or an automatic transmission on the Toyota Hilux, but on the other side, Nissan gives you an automatic transmission.

Toyota Hilux vs Nissan Navara Engine Comparison


Toyota Hilux

Nissan Navara


Diesel Diesel

Gear Box



Maximum Power 201 hp/3400

187 hp/3600

 Winner: Toyota Hilux

Driving Experience & Comport

The Nissan Navara outshines in front of the Toyota Hilux due to its unique multi-link suspension that features coil springs instead of leaf springs. Toyota Hilux leaf spring setups comparatively poorer ride comfort than Nissan Navara, so in this context, Navara is superior to Hilux in the driving experience. Nissan’s suspension setup is also perfect for businesses or individuals who need a reliable truck for everyday use.

Winner: Nissan Navara

Who Wins The Battle?

From the above debate, you get an idea these two vehicles are matched with each other in the context of their size, dimensions, capacity, exterior, and interior. Toyota’s Hilux has the upper hand regarding power, stability, durability, and ability to retain usage value throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. However, Nissan Navara is deemed superior in the context of its driver experience.

You can also observe; both are very close to each other. Today’s blog comparison blog will help you to make a firm decision about which pickup is best for you. If you want to buy 2nd hand Toyota Hilux or Hilux vigo4WD, Hilux 2WD at a competitive price with professional finishing, feel free to contact us or visit our office for a test drive.



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